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Institute of Applied Materia Medica, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Peking University Introduction


Institute of Applied Materia Medica, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Peking University Introduction

The Institute of Applied Materia Medica, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Peking
University was established in 1989. Now there are 18 researchers in our institute, among them: 4
research professors, 3 associated professors. It comprises the following research laboratories:
organic-chemical drugs, inorganic-chemical drugs, natural drugs, pharmaceutics and analysis. At
present, the major jobs of our institute are the researches and developments of new drugs.
Research fields include: anti-infective drugs, cardiovascular drugs, anti-tumor drugs, Chinese and
western drugs for complicated disease, trace element supplementary and new pharmaceutics.
According to the incomplete statistics, in recent years, the products which are independently
researched and developed, cooperative or committed by companies have been over 80. Among
them, 30 products which were independently researched and developed have got new drug
  certificates issued by the Drug Management Bureau. The names of the new drugs got certificates








Yixintongmai granules. It is a new Chinese Proprietary Medicine preparation which mainly treats the multiple symptoms of chest discomfort and cardiodynia for elder people. It can supplement qi and nourish yin, activate blood circulation and remove obstruction in collaterals. The main applications of Yixintongmai granules are: deficiencies of both qi and yin accompanying with obstruction in chest, cardiodynia or coronary artery disease, angina pectoris etc. This product is now available in market.

Erlong capsule. Erlong capsule possesses the effects of clearing liver-fire and promoting dieresis and inducing resuscitation. It is applied in the treatment of dampness-heat in upper jiao, dizziness and headache, deafness and tinnitus, and purulent discharge in ear. This product is now available in market.

Qinruxiao granules. Qinruxiao granules which show the functions of dispersing stagnated liver and harmonizing qi, dissipating phlegm and resolving masses can treat the diseases of liver and qi stagnation accompanying with coagulated phlegm and blood stasis for patients suffering from mammary gland cystic hyperplasia. The symptoms are: breast swell and pain, aggravation before menstruation, lump in breast and feeling pain by touching, fullness and discomfort in chest and hypochondrium, dysphoria and irritability, thin and white coated tongue, thin and slippery pulse tracings. This product is now available in market.

Other products include Gengtongpin granules, Zinc Gluconate raw material and preparation, Ferrous Succinate raw material and preparation, Lidocaine Carbonate injection, Oxymatrine injection and Arginine- Aspirin tablet etc.

Products under development include: Anti-epileptic drug 7903 raw material and tablet (Chemical Drug Class I). During the exploration of heritages of TCM, a newly active compound with anti-epileptic effect was discovered by School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Peking University. Based on the principle of sortation and improvement, we have screened more than 200 synthesized analogs, and discovered the 7903 which has the best therapeutic effect. It has got new drug Class I certificate. Now it has entered into Phase I、II clinical trails after the approval by SFDA.

CQ total glycosides capsule (TCM Class V). Chronic glomerulonephritis which is a kind of immune diseases is resulted from many reasons. The main clinical symptoms include: proteinuria, hematuria, edema and hypertension. This disease belongs to the Chinese medical science categories of edema, hematuria, asthenia and lumbago. At present, there lack of specific medicines in clinic. The pre-clinical researches of CQ total glycosides capsule have been fully finished and the application of clinical trails is on the way.

Moreover, our institute has burdened and finished a great quantity of projects appointed by enterprises. Most of these projects have got new drug certificates.

The Institute of Applied Materia Medica, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Peking University has won 11 provincial, ministry and municipal awards of excellent achievements in Science & Technology. Recently, the project of drug research in treatment of nephritic has gained Beijing Science & Technology award and the third prize of Science & Technology award of China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

There are many veteran experts in the Institute of Applied Materia Medica, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Peking University who have engaged in the research of new drug for long time; we have established cooperative relationships with many large and medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprises and earned good credit and reputation.





Address:Institute of Applied Materia Medica,

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Peking University Health Science Center,

NO.38 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100191,Chinahool of Pharmaceutical Sciences Peking University